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  1. Old Friends

    2017-10-17 14:20:46 UTC

    I was pleased to hear from an old friend recently who made contact to have some portrait photography of her little girl. After setting up a small photo studio in her home in Emsworth West Sussex we set to work, capturing some lovely baby photographs.

  2. Fabulous Photo Fun

    2015-12-20 17:49:00 UTC

    Another great family portrait photo shoot in Portsmouth. Some really lovely photography and everyone was very pleased with their final photographs.

  3. Fun Family Photos

    2015-12-18 12:04:00 UTC

    My fun family portrait photo sessions have been awesome and the photographic results fantastic. Limiting the photo shoot to just 10 minutes is enough time to capture the excitement of being in the photo studio before the little ones get bored and restless. It’s a lot of fun and the…

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