Fun Family Photos

My fun family portrait photo sessions have been awesome and the photographic results fantastic. Limiting the photo shoot to just 10 minutes is enough time to capture the excitement of being in the photo studio before the little ones get bored and restless. It’s a lot of fun and the comments from the friends and families are lovely. Thank you all. I look forward to doing some more family portraits.

Smart pix

This collection of photographic images is gathered from my iPhone! I can’t say some of them haven’t been post-produced a little, but it’s amazing considering. These photographs have been captured in and around Portsmouth, Havant, Chichester and Fareham in Hampshire and West Sussex.

Vintage VS High Street

Under the photographic direction of Amy Tomlinson; this fashion style photo shoot highlighted four different outfits each compiled out of recycled clothing set against a comparison to the latest trends found on the high street. 

Festive Jumpers

These photographic fashion images were shot for Mayhem! Magazine and their Christmas jumper fashion pages. I gathered a bunch of mates and fixed them all up with a sexy jumper, and ended up with these vintage style pictures. This is one of many fashion photo shoots I’ve done for Mayhem! Magazine in Portsmouth, Hampshire.

Glamour girls

These ladies sure gave me a run for their money! It was the birthday girl in the middle who decided to book a fun portrait photo studio session - just for fun! By the end of it, there were pink feathers all over the place!

Got the moves

Together with some dancers in my Portsmouth photo studio I set to achieve a collection of photographic images of shapes and forms seemingly suspended in the air. It was tricky but I think we got some interesting photographs.


These photos have been gathered from my travel photography collections for their cinematic qualities. Something about the lighting and their crop with the black bars top and bottom give them a sense of movement and depth. These photographs have been taken from locations worldwide including Italy, Dublin, Prague, New York in America, Morocco and Portsmouth.

The Hungry Caterpillars

These little fellas caught my attention systematically consuming leaf by leaf. It was something to behold, so I thought I’d pull them away and shoot some macro photography in the photo studio before they ate the entire garden.

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